Rapidly Opening Gardenia

June 5, 2018


I noticed that my frost resistant Gardenia had a slightly opened bud and said to myself that I would take an image of it shortly. I was especially eager to photograph it as I had just received my new Moment Macro Lens in the mail. I had just arrived home and was hungry so I ate dinner first, and by the time I came out to photograph it, the almost fully closed bud had already begun to open! I didn't really count how long a time had passed but it would have been about an hour, hour and at half at most I believe. 

The images below are what I saw after I had dinner:

I went back inside my home and returned not too long afterwards to see the Gardenia's progress. The flower's spiraled center petals were now beginning to open as well - no longer in an as tight formation. 

... after another brief period of time .

I see a lot of pre-bud formations in my Gardenia plant. I call them "pre-bud" formations as I do not know the scientific term.

These "pre-bud" spikes appear on the Gardenia stems once fully formed.

Since I now know how fast Gardenia buds open, I will try to take an image as soon as I see it. I will also see if I can perhaps take images as the bud is opening, before it reaches the stage of the first images in today's blog.

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All images are taken on an iPhoneX. I used the Moment Macro Lens for the extreme closeup shots.