Realistic Gumpaste Eucalyptus - Gunni Variety

May 31, 2018


I think one can recreate a good realistic likeness of flowers or foliage solely from images, but I also think that the process becomes much easier when you have an actual 'specimen' if you will for study and dissection if applicable.

I think this helped me tremendously for this project. 

Things I observed in actual Gunni Eucalyptus:


  • each leaf has several color gradations

  • the pods have a very distinctive shape 

  • the smaller the leaves, the smaller the pairs are spaced apart

  • the spacing increases as the leaves get larger

  • the leaves tend to not lie straight but can curve down, upwards, be a bit wavy at sides, etc.

  • the leaves have a somewhat copper colored edge

  • leaves can have heavy 'wax' on their leaves to having almost none in the same branch

Realistic Gumpaste Gunni Eucalyptus

Realistic gumpaste eucalyptus branches .

... these are just a few observations but noting such things in flowers and foliage helps increase the realistic element in your sugar creations.

You can learn how to make these branches in our Tutorials - Sugar Flowers and Foliage section - click here.

A snippet of how you can possibly use these sugar branches in an arrangement:

Below are images of how I often use my finger as a size reference when studying items I am unable to bring home for whatever reason. It was not too long after these images were taken that I found individual branch bouquets for sale that I then took home for study.

Gunni Eucalyptus Store Studies
Gunni Eucalyptus Store Studies
gunni eucalyptus store studies