Southern Magnolia Branch Images

May 31, 2018


Every time there is a Magnolia flower close enough for me to reach I take advantage and pick it from the tree in my front yard. 

I picked this particular flower as it was still in a somewhat closed bud - barely beginning to open stage. I intended to photograph it this way but  I stepped away from the flower a bit and when I came back it was open. 

This is a smaller version than the first one I picked a few weeks ago. 

I love the look of the branch with the older bare center attached. 


I photographed this Southern Magnolia in natural light in front of my garage door using an iPhone X. I just ordered a macro lens for my phone so I cannot wait to obtain even greater details of sugar flowers and foliage I come across. 

southern magnolia flower branch
southern magnolia flower branch front leaf detail
southern magnolia flower branch bac leaf detail
southern magnolia flower cente detail
southern magnolia flower center detail